Dark Garnet – L+S Press, 2020 (order here)


“Under Greenlaw’s hawk eye, all detail is material: fruit and decay, the domestic and the feral, and the wild current that runs through all of it. With animal wisdom and scientific precision, in poems saturated with lush emotion and incantatory music, her work is a naming, an act of power, and a spell that evokes from the detail of the ordinary world the mystery of the mind and its dreams, love, wonder, and flashes of brilliance.”  -Renée Alberts, author of No Water

“With love spit-shined on one shoulder and fear perching the other, Greenlaw’s first collection of poetry is a tangle of inky bite and language worth a multitude of devouring. Verse of kidhood and mothering blend nature and memory to expose tender moments of living. Each piece is whipsmart, blades of vulnerability sharpened to sneer. Carrie’s poems hold mouthfuls of ghost, both doomed and delicious. This collection is a thick mood to consume in one sitting.”  -Nikki Allen, author of ligaments of light tigering the shoulders



Refraction” – Rough Cut Press, March 2020

Chilopoda” & “Phosphorus Makes Glow but Eats Bones like a Hag” – Ligeia Magazine, Spring 2020

“Antiquity” – Sinking City, Issue 7, Spring 2020

“Goddamn Hurricane” “Big Bang” & “The Summer Room” – Ladies’ Night: The Gasconade Review Presents, November 2019

“The Secret Moment of Scarcity” & “Equinox” – Total Eclipse, Spring 2019

Death” – Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, May 2019

Heatwave” – Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, May 2019

“Opals” – Inscape, May 2019

Hairline” – Masque & Spectacle, Issue 17, March 2019

Traditional Intimacy” – River and South Review, Winter 2019

Night Running on Herrs Island” – River and South Review, Winter 2019

“Age 7”  – Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Volume IV 2016 (pdf)